About Vélosophy

The one for one bicycle brand

Vélosophy is a Swedish bicycle and lifestyle brand. Founded 2015 and launched during spring 2016, we are the only bicycle brand in the world with a one for one promise – supporting* young schoolgirls in Ghana by donating a bicycle for every Vélosophy sold. 

We aim to be the natural choice for any urban cyclist, who looks for aesthetic and well thought out bicycles and accessories. As part of that ambition we’ve made co-operations part of our DNA. Together with some of the best and most innovative lifestyle brands there is, we strive to design and develop smart, good looking and meaningful products. Products with social impact, that supports a healthy lifestyle and are manufactured with coming generations in mind. 

Fact is that giving a girl a bike will increase her presence in school with close to 30% and her results with as much as 60%. And according to Plan UK –  It is facts like that, that inspires us everyday. 

We may be small but we are ambitious and determined to challenge the bicycle business as we know it. We do it through the brand promise – giving a bicycle away for every one we sell. We do it when our donation bicycles are manufactured supporting local labour and local business. We do it when we co-operate with local craftsmen in Romania – engaging them to produce part of our accessories. And we do it selling most of our bicycles directly through our web store – and thereby creating room for our brand promise: i.e. donating a bicycle for everyone we sell. 

With fewer words: Vélosophy is – part bicycle and part philosophy.

Vélosophy has recently been featured in publications such as: HypebeastHighsnobiety and Design Milk.

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