Art Comes First x Vélosophy

Following ACF from a distance we couldn’t but get inspired by the way they approached fashion, art, culture and music – all at the same time and all with precision, humor and respect. Driven by our own curiosity we decided to make contact. Co-ops are part of Vélosophy’s DNA and finding common ground with ACF felt exciting. 

Meeting Sam and Shaka and discussing possibilities during a summer ride in Stockholm was all needed. The Vé x ACF Co-Lab was founded there and then. Essential for that decision, from our perspective, was that ACF during our bike stroll totally committed to our One for One promise and the support that meant, for schoolgirls, in a country well familiar to them. 

The result of this Co-lab is a great mashup of fashion, art and bike culture.   

We have created two concepts: The Militant Guild, with Knuckle Duster-levers and the Racing Ron with 90mm carbon rims. Both concepts comes in two different colors and they will we available for retail purchase as well as online shopping during spring 2018. 

Check out the bikes that has been dropped so far ->

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