Interview with Niklas Ekstedt

Being one out of ten restaurants on Harper’s Bazaar’s bucket list over restaurants – worth a special journey – Ekstedt with chef Niklas Ekstedt clearly represents the frontline of modern Scandinavian cuisine. But although the craftsmanship at Ekstedt’s is a source of inspiration and a push to follow your own beliefs, this is just one of the reasons why we teamed up with Niklas and involved him as a brand ambassador. For us at Vélosophy he is first and for most a genuine guy enjoying the morning ride from home to work. A warm and caring person, involved in the community and well travelled with experiences from rural areas that he says: calls for involvement and actions. 

We are happy to have him aboard and can vouch for that the conversation between Niklas and Kristoffer is ten well spent minutes, if you are in to Swedish that will say. (For those who are not – apologies.).  

Read more about Niklas here.

[Photos courtesy of Issy Croker and Henric Lindsten]

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