Murray and Cousins

We’d like to thank Peter Murray, Ben Cousins, and Rebecca Taylor for supporting our ‘one for one’ promise by cycling Concours D’Elegance on a Vélosophy bicycle. The ride was part of the Rapha Nocturne Series in London and is organised in conjunction with the London Festival of Architecture.

The event, organised by Peter, promotes more considerate road use and sharing of space within the City’s narrow, densely populated streets. Architects who joined on Saturday were dressed to the nines and demonstrated mindful cycling etiquette; stopping at red lights and riding at a slow pace. We think that Concours D’Elegance is a very important and contemporary event highlighting issues that should be brought to the forefront of dialog more often.

“It’s all about more considerate road use, sharing space in the city and making better places. Considerate cycling makes cities better! I am very happy to support new bike brand Vélosophy, they look great and helping a great cause” Peter Murray, Chairman of the NLA

We look forward to collaborating once again with the pair in the near future. 

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